The beautiful greenery and lake views have convinced past visitors of the unique quality Sleepy Hollow offers. Our lake, central to the campground, provides the social aspect of the site. By the lake, fish can be seen swimming just below the waters, while locals gather around the clear blue lake to celebrate their unity. Sleepy Hollow also offers boat rentals for kayaks and pedal-boats. Because of the campground’s New York location, crisp fallen leaves can be seen scattering the trails and crunching to the sound of visitors exploring the trails.

Not only does Sleepy Hollow offer superb, calming scenery, but it also offers an indoor dining area with arcade games such as pool, foosball, air hockey, and other many other traditional digital arcade games. As pictured below, kids generally love engaging with this room and attempting the wide array of games offered. Sleepy Hollow Campground offers an array of activities for families and visitors. The campground is known for being a family destination because of its immense options for recreation. Outdoors, visitors typically enjoy the shaded tennis courts. Mini golf is also available.

Sleepy Hollow provides home to a mini animal farm for visitors to discover. This farm gives home to just a few goats, donkeys, ostriches, ducks and other small, pet-able animals. Pets are also welcome at the campground. Small creeks run through the grounds and fill the air with smooth, trickling sounds. Picnic tables are scattered over the grass and invite those enjoying the grounds. The campground also offers a large outdoor seating area complete with picnic tables, grills, and an overhead roof. Here, guests enjoy the frequent recreational activities hosted by Sleepy Hollow, such as Bingo.

We invite those considering Sleepy Hollow as a destination to explore our site’s natural beauty, various amenities and cherished memories photographed below.