COVID-19 Update
The most current, up to date, COVID-19 response information can be found on the NYS Department of Health’s web page.

LAST UPDATED June 1st, 2020

Yes, NY has closed State Parks for overnight camping until April 30th. They have NOT closed private parks. Some campgrounds are currently open and operating right now. Which is good news.

The State has deemed some private parks an “essential business” at this time. Anyone that was deemed “essential” has it in writing. If this changes, or we get delayed, we will let you know. Water testing has been done by the county and we have been given the permit to activate the water system.

The Health Department said yes for us to open on time. When we do open, it will seem very odd to all of us with proper social distancing, limited amenities, etc… More on the guidelines later.

While we are open, you will notice a drastic change in the way we do business.

Social Distancing guidelines MUST be followed by ALL.
Parents, it is your responsibility to ensure your children are adhering to these guidelines.
No outside visitors will be allowed.
If you have paid for visitors WITH your reservation, they are ok to come in as long as they have filled out the liability waiver.
The store/office will be open fewer hours NO guests will be aloud to enter the store. All business will be done through the front window.
If you need to see us, please call to make an appointment.

We are working to create a way for guests to check-in remotely to avoid check-in lines and personal contact in office.
The Liability/Release and Hold Harmless must be filled out by everyone in the camping party.
Spouses can sign for each other and their children 17 and under.
Individuals 18 and older must sign for themselves.
Individuals not related to you must fill out there own liability waiver.
If the person is under 18, please have their parents fill out the liability waiver for them.
For all of our campers, the following will NOT open or will NOT be available until the NYS Health Department and Erie County Health Department gives us the all clear:

The Pool .
No visitors.

If you have paid for visitors with your reservation and they are staying in your camper, they are ok to come in as long as they have filled out the liability waiver.

All activities.
All playgrounds.

No Hayrides.
All Events.
All Live Music.
The Rec Hall.

We hope to have all our amenities back on line as quickly as possible. We are looking forward to the 2020 camping season as much as you are!

Stay safe and healthy.