13800 Siehl Rd, Akron, NY 14001

Sleepy Hollow Lake

Park Rules & Regulations

1. REGISTER UPON ARRIVAL. You must be 21 or over to rent a campsite. Security deposit required at check-in for most sites. Camping to be paid before entering park. Parking tags must be hung on rear view mirror.

2. Each rented campsite is allotted a 24 hour period from 3:00 PM to 3:00 PM. Early registration permitted for an extra fee. Day time admission is 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM only. *Cabin check-in time is 3:00 PM and check-out is 11:00 AM. Patrons can remain in the park until 2:00 PM.

3. Each campsite includes 2 adults and 3 children or less. Children are 17 years of age and younger. Extra people maximum of 2 are permitted on the site for a fee.

4. Only one tent, trailer etc., per site. Truck campers must remain on truck, do not detach.

5. SPEED LIMIT. Speed limit is 4½ MPH. Speeding will not be tolerated! All vehicle operators must be licensed. No riding on hoods, trunks or back of trucks. NYS vehicle traffic and safety laws must be followed in campground. Rules apply to golf carts as well. Golf carts are not to be driven after 11:00 PM, or driven by anyone without a valid state issued license.

6. Swimming allowed during beach hours only, and in designated swimming area only. No diving. Children must be accompanied by responsible adult, beach rules posted and safety procedures available at office. Waiver must be signed for swimming usage, and separate rules must be followed.

7. QUIET HOURS. 10:00 PM – 10:00 AM. Excessive noise not tolerated.

8. Parents/Guardians fully responsible for their children. Must be supervised and on site by 10:00 PM. Children 10 years and younger not permitted in public areas without adults present, including bathroom facilities.

9. Only one table per site. If you need extra, let us know in advance; do not remove from assigned areas. No carving, marking, holes, hooks, nails, tacks etc., are allowed on tables or trees. Tape only permitted. Do not paint, stain or drag tables. Do not use sponge under table cloth. Anyone caught defacing tables and playgrounds will be prosecuted. Please report any tables that need repair.

10. Pets must be licensed and vaccinated. Proof of vaccination required. Pets must be kept quiet, leashed and picked up after. No pets in swim area, boats or high volume public areas. A fine will be imposed if they are not picked up after. Maximum 2 pets per site.

11. Damage or removal of any property or building belonging to Sleepy Hollow will result in a minimum fine of $100, includes grass, trees and other structures. Violators will be prosecuted.

12. DO NOT tie anything such as a clothesline on trees. Your campsite must be kept clean. This includes stones, garbage, skid marks, etc. Garbage must be bagged and thrown in dumpster next to store. Please recycle.

13. DO NOT dig holes in the ground, including horseshoe pits. Horseshoe pits are located behind large pavilion. Report any holes in ground to office.

14. Trailers and golf carts must be insured. Proof required Management not responsible for acts of nature/God, vandalism, fire or theft. Golf carts must be electric and for seasonal use only. Golf carts are not to be driven after 11:00 PM, or driven by anyone without a valid state issued license.

15. No electric heaters. Air conditioners permitted for extra fee, must be paid in advance. No excessive lighting, can accrue additional fees, please conserve.

16. Trespassing not permitted, subject to arrest.

17. Boats with motors not permitted. Private boats permitted with use of own life vests. Life vests must be worn by everyone. Must be at least 16 to rent boat.

18. Campfires never to be left unattended, must be put out before retiring for the night. No fires on windy days, or in extreme dry conditions. No fires over 2-3 feet.

19. Golf course open during store hours, must use Sleepy Hollow Clubs and pay at store. Return clubs after use. Tennis racquets available at store no charge. Must wear sneakers. Petting zoo is open from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

20. Absolutely NO FIREARMS or illegal paraphernalia.

21. No motorcycles or scooters permitted. Bicycles permitted, must wear helmets, have lights and reflectors.

22. Park only on your rented site. Do not park on other campsites.

23. Do not feed wildlife. Report any bites immediately.

24. No for sale signs permitted without written permission.

25. Let’s keep our park a nice safe environment to enjoy!

26. No soliciting of customers.

27. If temperatures reach above 80o you must turn your hot water tanks to propane to reduce electric issues, and only use A/C when necessary.

28. Sleepy Hollow reserves the right to substitute sites if stay is shorter than one month.

29. Seasonal guests must have site numbers on their RV.


Swimming Rules


2. Only registered overnight patrons of the Sleepy Hollow Lake and their guests are allowed to use the swimming facility.

3. NEVER SWIM ALONE. A minimum of two adults, 18 years of age or older, must be present whenever this swimming facility is in use, with at least one adult on pool deck or beach side.

4. THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR ADEQUATE SUPERVISION. Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian or similar adult responsible for their behavior and safety.

5. IN AN EMERGENCY, NOTIFY THE FACILITY OPERATOR AND CONTACT HELP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Telephone provided at this facility free of charge for emergency calls only, located outside beach/recreation building. Telephone numbers for the nearest emergency medical centers are posted.

6. Lifesaving equipment, CPR mask and safety lines are located on outside of Recreation Hall/residence for beach area.

7. Lifesaving equipment and safety lines are located in gated pool area for pool.

8. First aid kit is located at camp store and Recreation Hall.

9. Don’t drink alcohol and swim.

Day Guests Not Permitted in Pool

10. NO DIVING allowed anywhere on Sleepy Hollow Lake or at the swimming pool.

11. Swimming is only permitted within the designated bathing area of lake. Floating lines mark the boundaries of the swimming area.

12. Only use this facility during posted hours of operation. Beach open in non-inclement weather Memorial Day Weekend until Labor Day Weekend.


14. Persons must obtain a swimming bracelet to enter the pool. Only registered over-night campers are allowed to enjoy the pool; daytime visitors are not able to use the pool.

15. Persons with an infectious disease or infections are not permitted to use the swimming facilities.

16. No food or drinks are allowed inside of the pool gates.

17. You must shower before entering the pool.

18. Only proper bathing attire allowed; no forms of street clothing will be permitted. This includes and is not limited to diapers.

19. No flotation devices that are not Coast Guard approved are permitted