2019 Season May 1st to October 14th


Seasonal Pump-outs $150 per season, 2 tanks $200

1General Campsite
  • Use of the campsite and common area is for camping and related recreational purposes only.
  • The official camping season is the last Friday in April until the First weekend in October. Anyone entering the parks during winter months is doing so at their own risk.
  • Campsite shall not be a permanent residence or home site. No daily postal mail will be sent. Bulk packages are permitted.
  • Each campsite shall be maintained by the occupant and the appearance must be suitable to the conditions of the camping community.
  • Occupant must correct the appearance of site within one week or a fine will be imposed and there will be a violation of the lease agreement.
  • Management has the right to enter campsites for repairs and tree work without notice.
  • It is the responsibility of the site renter to maintain all hoses and connections in a safe and tight manner so the cords do not interfere with safety and sewage does not leak onto the ground. Grey water is permitted to be released.
  • No vehicle shall extend into any road ways or be parked on campsites that are not rented by the renter. Guests may use parking lots near Recreation Hall, no parking on vacant sites.
  • No open fires of any kind are permitted except within a contained fire area. All fires are to be attended and extinguished upon completion.
  • No burning of any items that will give off toxic fumes.
  • No hunting, trapping or uses of fire arms at any time are permitted.
  • Drug Activity and disorderly contact is not permitted on the property.
  • Management has the right to remove such persons from the premises.
  • There shall be no offensive activity on the property which may become a nuisance to others.
  • No structure is permitted to be built on any premises without the permission of management.
  • All decks must be treated lumber. Sheds must meet site requirements, check with management.
  • Quiet hours strictly enforced from 10pm to 8am.
  • The site renter is responsible for the actions of their guests. They will be fully accountable for damages, breaking rules and vandalism.
  • Fireworks and firearms of any kind are prohibited.
  • No trampolines, portable pools, no portable waterslides or motorized scooters of any kind permitted.
  • Only 2 vehicles per site and one golf cart per site.
  • No destruction of grass fines of $50 -$100 depending on damage.
  • Truck campers must never be detached anywhere on the grounds.
  • All seasonal sites must have campers no older than the last 10 years.
  • Present campers are grandfathered in unless sold, in which case camper cannot remain seasonally.
  • One recreational vehicle permitted per site.
  • The use of outdoor clothesline is prohibited.
  • No nails in trees for any reason.
  • No trash is to accumulate on the site dumpsters are available for use. Bags must be tied.
  • No items that present a health hazard should be kept on site.
  • No littering or disposal of any garbage in the lake or around the park $50 fine.
  • Furniture or large appliances shall not be disposed of on the campgrounds $100 fine.
  • Pavilions may be rented for a security deposit of $50. This is to hold the pavilion to ensure booking and clean up after use.
  • Failure to keep scheduled date and time or clean up will result in forfeiture of deposit.
  • 2Fees and no pay no stay policy
  • All site renters with any outstanding balances will be locked out, unless there are special extenuating circumstances. Accounts must be current and paid by the designated deadlines.
  • Utility fees such as electric are billed bi-seasonally. Bills will be prepared twice a season, if payments are not made by the due date management will begin lock out procedure.
  • There will be a $175 winter rental fee imposed on the site if all deadlines and requirements are not made on time. For example, electric bills paid on time, deposit given on time, and balance paid by designated due date. Failure to meet all three requirements will result in an additional $175 winter rental fee.
  • Each site holder is provided with 2 gate cards at no charge. A third may be purchased for $20. If any of your cards are lost or stolen there is a charge of $50 to replace them. Damaged cards may be exchanged at office for no charge. If your card has been stolen it may be replaced for $5 if accompanied by a valid police report.
  • If under any circumstance the site or other outstanding bills remain unpaid at the end of that season, we reserve the right to take legal action. This includes but is not limited to claims court at which you will incur all charges affiliated with the process and so forth. We also reserve the right to charge monthly late fees and or penalties.
  • Fines
    1- First offense –written or verbal warning
    2- Second offense-$50 fine
    3- Third offense $100 fine
    4- Fourth offense-one month park suspension
    5- Fifth offense-one year suspension
    6- Sixth offense-eviction
    7- All offenses depend on severity. If the offense is deemed sever enough by management they have the right to evict immediately without refund No tolerance policy
    8- Fishing is catch and release. Anyone removing fish will be charged the current value of fish plus amount for time it takes to replace the fish.
    3Speed Limit & Traffic Safety
  • No riding on hoods, trunks, backs of trucks or other places that would not be permitted on NYS roads.
  • No major vehicle repairs to be done in campgrounds. The driver of any vehicle is not to have any obstructions or impairments including children on lap.
  • All passengers of vehicles, including golf carts must be seated. No riding on hoods, fenders or anywhere else that has not been manufactured for seating.
  • Approved vehicles must be operated on roadways only.
  • All vehicles must have front headlights and reflectors or lights on the back.
  • 4Golf Carts
  • All golf carts must be electric and insured. Proof of insurance is required to be kept on file at the store. You must submit a copy of your up to date insurance card, which will remain on file until your site is released. Updated copies must be submitted at start of season.
  • All drivers must be licensed. No drivers on golf carts under the age of 18.
  • All golf carts will need to have your site number on them; this number will be used to identify the golf cart, it is then up to you to make sure you apply it visibly to golf cart. Numbers should be 3 inches or larger.
  • All golf carts must be equipped with proper lighting for night safety, must have headlights and tail lights or reflectors.
  • No gas golf carts permitted.

  • Anyone found speeding, driving reckless or in violation of these guidelines will be given a warning for the first offense. The second offense will result in a fine in the amount of $50 dollars payable immediately or will be charged to your site. The office will keep a record log to track all offenses.

    *If there is a third offense it will result in golf cart use terminated for the current year, and golf carts will be removed from the park, until the following year and so fort
    5Campsites/ Recreational Vehicles
  • All units must be insured with proper documentations submitted to the store/office before season begins. If you wish to change location of your site there will be a fee imposed for electric meter changes and other work bestowed. Fees will be determined on amount of work needed.
  • Seasonal trailers (recreational vehicles) must be current within the last ten years unless grand-fathered in. This means for original site renters only! Sale of trailer means forfeiture of site.
  • Management is not responsible for theft, vandalism or random acts of nature.
  • Only two adults and three children or less are included in the seasonal price. Children are considered unmarried and under the age of 18. Children under 3 are free.
  • You are responsible for your site. This includes and is not limited to, maintaining grass cutting and ensuring the site is left clean and presentable. If grass/weeds becomes 6 inches or more staff will cut the lawn for a service charge of $25 charged to site.
  • You must park at your own site. Parking on vacant sites is not permitted.
  • Campfires must remain at a controllable level. They must never be left unattended, and have to be put out before retiring for the night. No large campfires, no fires on windy days, and no fires in the woods in extremely dry conditions.
  • Only one picnic table allowed per site, do not move tables. If you need an extra please let us know in advance, and we will try our best to deliver one.
  • Tables are provided as a convenience, do not abuse them. Please report any tables that need repair. Consider using tables’ cloths and other protections for the tables.
  • Anyone caught defacing tables will be punished by law.
  • Do not tie anything to trees, pets, clothes lines etc. Do not drive nails or anything into the trees.
  • Do not dig holes into the ground for any reason; there are designated horseshoe pits behind the large pavilion.
  • 6Child Supervision
  • Children are to be supervised at all times, by an adult 16 years of age and older. Parents and guardians are fully responsible for their children, they must be aware of where their children are and what they are doing at all times.
  • Children under the age of 10 are not permitted in public restrooms without supervision.
  • Swimming is only permitted during beach hours 10am to 8pm or when beach is open. Children can never be left without supervision on the beach. Child supervision acceptable is if the person supervising is 16 years of age or older.
  • Children must be back at their site by 10:00pm, and shall remain there until 8 am the next morning. This includes ages up to 17 years of age. Any children found wondering from site will be escorted back immediately, and parents held responsible.
  • Parents are responsible. Children found wondering will result in warning given to parents immediately. A second warning will result in a fine of $50, and so forth.
  • All children in the park must be supervised as per New York State Penal Law Section 260.10. Offense will result in automatic fine of $50.
  • All children under the age of 4 must be carried in safety seats as required by New York State All children must wear helmets when on bikes, roller blades etc. follows park offense steps for violations.
  • Note that all amenities including and not limited to petting zoo, playgrounds, and courts are open from 10 am until dark. No entry permitted otherwise.
  • 7Visitors
  • All Seasonal campers are responsible for their visitors. This may include, but is not limited to, poor behavior, vandalism or any other circumstances that are not permissible on the campgrounds. Any visitors causing a disturbance will be asked to leave immediately, and may result in termination of the seasonal site as well. Termination of site is contingent upon severity of the incident.
  • Day time visitors will pay a daily admission and must leave the park by 8pm that day. Anyone planning to stay later will be charged the overnight rate. Maximum 2 extra adults and 2 children per site. There will be no extra tents etc. set up on site to accommodate extra visitors; they will be charged a site rental fee to set up.
  • There is only one family allowed per site. Anyone using your facility in your absence will be charged regular rate. Registrants names listed in the card file, which everyone has filled out, are the only ones permitted to remain all year on the seasonal site.
  • No seasonal sites shall be sublet. If we become aware that two families are sharing a site, trailer will be removed off site, and both parties evicted.
  • 8Utility Bills
  • We conduct meter readings twice a year. They occur in August and late September. Seasonal site holders are responsible for their own meter and electric.
  • You will have at least two weeks to pay your electric bill; any payment received later will result in a 2% interest charge and $25 per month late charge.
  • It is your responsibility to retrieve your bill either at the store or office, and pay it in a timely manner. Any late payments will accrue late fees
  • 9Firewood
  • In compliance with NYS laws concerning the Asian beetle and other insects outside wood is no longer permitted into the park, unless accompanied by the NYS form declaring wood has been treated at appropriate temperatures etc. Literature concerning this law is available at the office for review if you wish to have it.
  • For more information visit: NYS DEC Firewood Transportation Laws
  • Firewood may be purchased at the store.
  • 10Pump-outs/Propane
  • Propane is available for filling. Please drop off containers to be filled before 2pm if you wish to have them done that day. They will be filled before 6 pm that day. Payment is required at time of drop off.
  • Propane containers must have proper safety valves to be filled.
  • Propane tanks on your site are limited to (2) 100 lbs Tanks cannot be enclosed and must have new regulation valves to be filled.
  • Pump-outs are available at a seasonal discount rate or regular rate each time services are rendered. Available Monday to Thursday only, to order for the same day request must be made by 2pm that day, and payment is required when service is ordered. Any pump-outs needed Friday to Sunday, or holidays will be charged the emergency rate.
  • 11Pets
  • Permitted, as long as they are never unattended.
  • They must be kept leashed at all times, and picked up after. Any not picking up after their pet will result in a fine.
  • Copy of shot records must be kept on file.
  • No animals, live stock, or exotic animals are to be kept on a campsite. Household pets are permitted must be secured on a leash, are not allowed within enclosed public areas. Pets must also not be left unattended for an extended period of time. It is your responsibility to pick up after pets.
  • Pets are not permitted in swimming area or surrounding beach areas.
  • 12Recreational Park usage
    Laundry mat and work out center when made available is for your usage and should be respected. Any vandalizing the facilities will be prosecuted. No one under the age of 18 shall use either facility without adult supervision.
  • No one is allowed to sell or have for sale signs without consent of management.
  • Helmets are required. Anyone not using a helmet, in accordance with the laws of NYS will be subject to fine.
  • Golf is open from 10am to 8 pm only. Only Sleepy Hollow Clubs are permitted. Fee must be paid at the store. No one allowed on golf course unless playing golf.
  • Tennis rackets are available for free at our store for you to use.
  • Beach rules must be obeyed; they are posted at the beach.
  • Absolutely no diving, swimming only in designated area within designated times.
  • 13Security & Conduct
    Security personnel are here and to protect and ensure the well being here at Sleepy Hollow. They are also here to enforce our park rules. They will be respected and acknowledged. If there is an incident that you feel is unjust please see management at the store, everything is kept confidential.
  • There shall be no illegal activity of any kind. This includes firearms, drugs etc. Please report any activity that does not seem suitable for upholding the laws of NYS.
  • 14Water Safety

  • No swimming or boating when beach is closed hours 10am to 8 pm.
  • Swimming permitted in buoyed areas only!
  • No running, jumping, horseplay, foul language of any kind.
  • Children under 16 require adult supervision no exceptions!
  • No glass containers permitted on beach or surrounding areas.
  • Pets not permitted on beach or surrounding area.
  • In case of rain, thunder/lightening beach and water must be cleared for a minimum of one hour.
  • No excessive music or noise permitted on beach.
  • Life jackets in boating area only.
  • No attached floatation devices.
  • No diving.
  • No vehicles allowed on the beach/sand area.
  • Boating. Boaters must wear life jackets. No standing in boats.
  • No swimming in non-designated areas.
  • All boating equipment must be returned to proper areas.
  • No alcohol consumption or intoxication while boating or swimming.
  • No motorized boats allowed.
  • Emergency phone is located inside the Recreation Hall, along with search and rescue procedures to be used as guidelines if needed.